Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 12 - Due December 2

Week 12 - Indicate the title and your beginning and ending page!
Pick a chapter from this week's reading and if it could be a car, what kind of car would it be?
In a paragraph, explain how the actions of the chapter correspond to the type of vehicle you selected.
Would the chapter be a
An old
An elegant Rolls Royce?
red Ferrari? jalopy like Tow Mater?


  1. Joshua Ascencio
    Book: The Historian

    Chapter 1 = Audi
    Well because the story takes place in Europe, and they are rich, always traveling to the most beautiful places in Europe. An audi is a expensive car.
    Also is elegant like they are!

  2. Natalie Tomczak
    Book: Precious
    pgs. 80-125
    (not all the same chapter)

    This part of the story i would consider a red Ferrari. The reason is because everything happens so fast. Precious moves out, her father dies, she finds out she has HIV, she has her baby boy. There's alot of quick turns, just like a Ferrari would make. Everything happens so quickly and unexpectedly after her mother comes in saying her dad died of AIDS. Her life takes an entire twirl. This part is actually VERY similar to a red Ferrari.

  3. Sarah Cafagna
    Pg 127-143
    In my passage that I read it's mostly like a Ferrari because Gogols relationship with Maxine escalates VERY fast, with in weeks of dating her ( and may i remind you that he and Maxine are like 19-20 years old at this point) he is moving in with her, while she lives at her parents house. He pratically becomes one of the family members! Maxine's parents allow them two to stay alone at the house all summer long while they are away at their summer home. As one can imagine things spin out of control quickly just like a farrari could in a tight situation.

  4. Andrew Waterstraat
    Book - The Lost Hero
    Chapter 1- Triumph
    I would say chapter 1 in my book is most like a triumph because Jason lost his memory at the beginning and he doesn't remember how. Even though he did, he still remembers the old long lasting relationship he had with his girlfriend Piper. Even when you haven't driven your car for years yo still always remember your relationship with it.

  5. Jamiee Alberts
    Book: Find Me
    Chapter 4- BMW 3
    In chapter four of my book, Rosie talks more to Stacie, which is a teenager who was raped and pregnant. Rosie talks about how she will be there for her. Stacie and her mom trusts Rosie to help as much as she can. This reminds me of the BMW 3 car because the car is a 'reliable car'. Stacie depends on Rosie and tells her how she feels. Rosie is reliable for her.

  6. Jamiee Alberts
    ^ addition to my paragraph, the pages I read was from 160 to end.

  7. chelsea bone
    book: children of the lamp
    page225 to 295
    im just starting a new chapter and its kinda like one of thoughs spie cars that are black and blend in with al the gagets because the twins and nimrod are braking in to place to steal a achent septar that they beleive hold captive 70 dijans

  8. Students who do not have book to read in class on the day of SSR do not have a make up option.

    -Mrs. Hochstadt

  9. Amer Abed
    Book: The Kite Runner
    Page: 146-162
    Chapter 15-Bugatti

    The reason why I picked chapter 15 to be a Bugatti, is because when Amir lands in Pakistan, he is very lost and tries to move quickly through the crowd of people. Then when he gets to Rahim Khan's house, they talk about their past and how they used to play soccer when they were little kids. Which is very interesting because the Bugatti is the fastest moving car while accelerating and reversing.