Tuesday, December 6, 2011

week 13 - 1-Paragraph response Due 12/9

Indicate beginning page and ending page.
Would your protagonist be a Sox or or a Cubs Fan?  EXPLAIN WHY.


  1. chelsea bohne
    book: children of the lamp
    pg 330 - end
    i dont think that the twins in my book would be sox or cubs fan. they arnt realy sporty people. plus there from newyork. but if reading was a sport then falipa would like that and if gaming was a sport he brother would like that. but neighthers realy a sport. but odds are somwere theres a compitishion for both.

  2. Joshua Ascencio
    Book: The historian
    chapter 4

    I think the protagonist would be the tennis sport , because elizabeth the protagonist is always traveling with her father, like many tennis players who are always traveling around the world. Also elizabeth and her father are rich like many tennis players. Years ago, tennis was considered a high sport sport in england where was originated. She is rich like an aristocrat. Also she is trying to find information about a book, like the tennis players who are looking and trying to win many cups especially the grand slam.

  3. Olivia Salazar
    Book: Damned
    From pg 3 to pg 60

    In my book, the protagonist would be a Sox fan. (i love the sox). Antonio is very determined and doesnt give up no matter what keeps trying to get him down. He protects all the innocent and kills the vampires. Antonio is a vampire but he holds onto his humanity and kills the very creatures that he are like. Also though this book is almost from every main chasracter's perspective. As if it is through their thoughts, it's all the same though because they are all working hard together to survive.

  4. Sarah Cafagna
    Book: The Namesake
    Pages 143- 161
    In my book The Namesake, the protagonist (Gogol) is definitely a SOX fan! why is he a sox fan? because unlike the cubs, he is actually sucessfull! He goes to college and gets a really good degree, finds the girl of his dreams, and has the best potential in-laws he could possibly ask for! he isnt a loser saying,"oh my life could get better...maybe next year." no. he is living his dreams now! Gogol and his girlfriend maxine work together like a team and are the perfect mix of talent, just like the sox. Gogol is very smart, any smart person would be a sox fan!

  5. Jamiee Alberts
    Book: Find Me
    Pages: Chapter 9 to 11
    In Find Me, Rosie O'Donnell talks lots about her personal life. Although she does, she does not say much about any sports she did. I really don't think she likes sports. If she was into baseball, I think Rosie would be a Sox fan because I am also a Sox fan. I can relate myself A LOT to Rosie, which makes me think she would have the same interest in baseball teams as me.

  6. Amer Abed
    Book: The Kite Runner
    Pages: 189-201

    I think that Amir would not be a Sox nor a Cubs fan because he loves to play soccer and soccer is nothing like baseball. So I don't think that Amir would be a Sox or a Cubs fan. Although, Amir loves to win so he would probably be a Sox fan.