Monday, December 12, 2011

week 14 - Paragraph Response about....?Due 12/16

This week the prompt is your choice!  Write about what you would like.


  1. chelsea bohne
    my book : made with wonder
    in my book it was like a prequil to alice in wonderland. its about the made hater who is searching for alice but they aspell it alys. in guessing the boks were writen after alice in wonderland( atherwise id be weird) because at the end it has like fake letters or articals and one is a letter from alys about her complaining on how the writer or alice in wonderland spelled her name wron. but it was a good book

  2. Joshua Ascencio
    Book: The historian

    Well i still reading my book, but is a good book, well for me because i practice my english, is about a girl that connects with Vlad Dracula the Impaler, she is family of dracula! dracula still alive and she always travel around europe with her father. Is a good book because the book take in many locations.

  3. Andrew Waterstraat

    I am really enjoying my book. For one its a fantasy about sky pirates. Twig the captain starts the book searching for his dad. They find him and his crew in the middle of a giant storm. Twig ends up loosing his father. The book may start out on a sad note but i really hope it will get happier throughout it.

  4. Jamiee Alberts
    Book: Find Me
    Chapters: 11 to 14
    The part I am into my book, Rosie is letting Stacie come to her apartment because she is getting ridiculed in school for being pregnant. Rosie is getting things ready to let her stay, while Rosie will be on vacation. She gets a nannie to watch over Stacie while she is in her last weeks of pregnancy. I think Rosie is so attached to Stacie and her pregnancy is because Rosie never knew the feeling of being pregnant and having her own kids. Some of Rosie's coworkers say that Stacie is faking the whole thing just for the money. I'm still waiting to find out if Stacie will come and if her story is real.

  5. Olivia Salazar
    Book: Damned
    Pg 163-231

    Basically so far in my book the protagonists, Antonio and Jenn, are faced with tough decisions and their love is put to the test. ANtonio is a vampire and Jenn is human but they can't help what they feel for eachother. They do what they can to defeat Solomon and others like Dantalion, Aurora and Sergio. They all want Antonio because he holds onto his humanity and they want to know how. During a battle between Team Salamanca and the vampires, Antonio is taken by Aurora and is turned back to his dark side as a vampire. Jenn is the leader and has to ensure the safety of her team even if it means letting Aurora escape with Antonio.

  6. Jessica Rodriguez.
    The Virgin Suicides.

    How they did it.

    In the beginning of the book I found out that Cecilia, 15 years old, and the youngest of the Libson sisters killed herself by jumping out of a window into a fence post piercing through her heart. I found out the other sisters committed themselves by Bonnie, 15, hung herself in the basement, Mary, 16, stuck her head in the oven (only to be found and saved later), Therese, 17, filled herself with sleeping pills washed down with gin, and Luz, 14, sat in the car in the garage filling with carbon monoxide. A little over a year later Mary killed herself by taking sleeping pills.

  7. Amer Abed
    Book: The Kite Runner

    In my book, The Kite Runner, Amir and Hassan are my main characters. Amir and Hassan are best friends that both do not have mothers. They love to play sports especially soccer. They also enjoy flying their kites. Hassan comes from a poor family while Amir comes from a very successful family. Amir and Hassan go through many obstacles to truly figure out who they really are. In the end, they become even closer than they ever were.