Friday, January 20, 2012

week 16 - Due 01/26- Paragraph Response

Who are the minor characters in the story? How do they contribute to the plot?  Indicate book's title and starting and ending page.


  1. Olivia Salazar
    Clockwork Angel
    pg 1 to pg 72

    The minor characters so far are the Dark sisters. They are important for the beginning of the book. A girl, Tessa, is a shapeshifter which is very rare for downworlders. She wants to find her brother but the Dark sisters kidnapped him so Tessa would do whatever they want. The Dark sisters held her brother Nate captive and told her they would kill him if she didn't do what they say. Tessa is rescued by a Shadowhunter named Will. The Dark sisters fail to keep her in their custody. Will kills one of the Dark sisters and reveals to Tessa that they were both Warlocks. One species of downworlders amongst Vampires, Werewovles and Faeries. No one knows what kind of downworlder Tessa is. The Dark sisters made her realize what she is.

  2. Matt Bunda
    Dirty Job
    pg. 56- 73

    One Minor character the story that contributes to the plot is Lily. She is a teenager who works at Charlie’s shop. She is a very gothic person. One time when Charlie received a book from someone through the mail, Lily took it and began to read it. It was a book about Death. For awhile she thought that she was death and was excited because she was gothic. So far in the story, she has not informed Charlie about the book and supposedly Charlie is Death.
    Another minor character that contributes to the plot is Charlie’s sister. She doesn’t play a big part in the story other than just watch Sophie, Charlie’s Daughter, when Charlie is busy. Also, she sometimes buy’s him his groceries.

  3. Sarah Cafagna
    The Namesake
    pg 179-196
    The minor charaters in the story would probably be all the family members and bengali friends that the Ganguli family has. When ashoke (Gogols father) dies, they are comfort and help in their time of sorrow. They also resemble little bits and pieces of home (calcutta) that ashima misses so much.More minor characters such as Gogol's girlfriends's parents show how un americanized his parents are and gogol feels very shamefull of that. Also all gogol's american girlfriends resemble his betrayl of his bengali traditions that say they can ony date bengali women.

  4. Joshua Ascencio
    Pg 1-24
    Sancho pansa is the minor character in the story, he helps Don Quixote in the develop of the story, Sancho Pansa is the mate whom go with Don Quixote in the adventures, in the first pages Sancho pansas helps believe Don Quixote that he is a really knight.

  5. chelsea
    the looking glass war
    the minor charactors are the orfins and the prince. the orfins help et alyss to like the prince more and marry him to please her mother . he helps get food and suplys for the orfanige were alyss is from after she came to the real world from wonderland

  6. Natalie Tomczak
    Book: A Man Named Dave

    In the novel some of the minor characters include Patsy, Dave's foster parents, and Dave's 2 best friends. They contribute to the plot because if not for his foster parents Dave might have been in a shelter or such, but they took him in. Patsy is his first love and first girlfriend. Him and her have a similar past of verbal and physical abuse. They end up having a child. Dave's 2 best friends are probably the first two real friends he's had. They would do stupid things just like any other teenagers and they would always stick by him.