Thursday, January 26, 2012

week 17 - 1-paragraph response due Friday, Feb. 3rd

What did the author make you think about as you read the story?


  1. Natalie Tomczak
    Book: A Man Named Dave

    in this particular first chapter the author remindsyou of the past sequels of these heart touching books. he reminds you of the first book and pain of the abused little boy. mentioning situations such as sleeping on an army cot in the garage or eating scraps from garbage. this book then will continue on to show this orphan's life ad an adult.

  2. Olivia Salazar
    Book: Stargazer
    Pg 3 to pg 50

    In this book, Alexa (main character) has always been in dangerous situations and saves the day. Now it's happening again. Throughout the book everything always seems mysterious and asks a lot of questions. When people discover who she is she becomes a legend at the five stone pillars because she is Thomas Warvold's daughter. The people of the Pillars knew her uncle, Roland Warvold. Now that everyone knows her, Alexa feels obligated to protect everyone from the sea monster and find more answer as she goes about this mysterious place.

  3. Joshua Ascencio
    Book:Le comte de Monte-Cristo

    In the first sequence the author gave me a feel that edmond the protagonist was going to dead when he was accused by many powerful people and his girlfriend i knew she was going to married with fernand the friend of edmond just for money. it a good book

  4. chelsea
    the looking glass war
    the author made me think that wonderland isnt like alice in wonderland that the auther or that got it all wrong. hatter wasnt a guy who had tea partys he was a deadly worrior and alice realy spelled allys dint come through a rabbit hole and there were no rabbits that she was the princes of wonderland.

  5. sarah cafagna
    The Namesake
    pg. 196-215
    The author made me think about how i value time with my parents. Gogol, all his life, wanted to escape his parents and get away from bengali traditions. when Gogol's father died, he regreted not being there spending time with his family. its like the saying, you never know how much you are going to miss someone until they are gone. The author made me think about how much i would miss my parents if one or both of them died.