Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 10 - 1 Paragraph Response - Due

What can we learn about the protagonist and antagonist from what they say and do?


  1. Olivia Salazar
    Book: The Blind Side
    From pg 66 to pg 102

    Michael Oher is the protaganist. Michael is being helped from some of the families of his school, Briarcrest Catholic School, because he has nowhere to go and everybody is helping him with his life. The Tuohy Family help him the most. They pay for everything, his clothes, food, tutition, etc. Michael is shy because he feels he'll be homeless again and isn't used to being helped. Coach Hugh Freeze by my guess would be the antagonist. He doesn't understand as much as LeighAnne, Mrs. Tuohy, who Michael really is. He doesn't really focus on what Michael needs rather than what he does.

  2. Natalie Tomczak
    Book: Precious

    In my novel Precious is the protagonist, her mother is the main antagonist. You can tell by many of their actions what kind of people they are. Her mom, is very lazy, not hygenic at all, and also rapes Precious. Many times making Precious do things with her that she didnt want to. Then she says that her father raping her was because Precious "wanted it". Later on when she found out she and Precious both might have HIV, she came to Precious' new home trying to be nice and helpful. this proves just how deceiving and nasty she really is. Precious does many things to show how much of a hard worker she is. Even though she has both kids with her dad, she loves them to death. She wants the best life for them. No matter how many times her mother is going to tell her she can't do something, she won't give up. It just gives her more motivation to keep moving forward. Even after finding out her and her son have HIV, she doesn't give up on life.

  3. chelsea bohne
    bookchildren of the lamp
    i just started the book so i dont know whos the antaganist but the twins are sorta both they dont know whats going on and are protaganist but when they dream there sorta antaganist they do things magical that they dont know there doing. they cause 2 people from the plain to poof back to there home. they cause a earthquake but they arnt aware of who they are or thats its them who cause this. but in london at there uncle nimrod they will learn who they are and how to comtrol it

  4. Andrew Waterstraat
    Bernie is the protagonist. We can tell Bernie used to be a smoker because whenever he gets stressed he pats himself down to find a pack of cigarettes he doesn't have. He also is a very dedicated detective. He doesn't give up until everything is proven. The case he is working on is supposedly done but he is still working to make sure everything is okay. He is also very nervous around women. He started making dinner on a date with a woman and made steaks. It turned out she was a vegetarian and she made her own meal.

  5. Joshua Ascencio
    Book: Carl Schurz life

    Well, Carl Schurz is the protagonist in the story, he moved to United states from Germany, he and his wife lived in philadelphia a while, but he in germany accomplished a lot of things like right laws, when he came to USA the slavery movement was very strong, he hated the treaty of slavery! how is possible that united states a country with freedom have slavery and North against the south! he met some famous guys and senators, the case is that the democratic party don't wanted that the slavery movement ends, but carl schurz and people following him wanted,