Thursday, November 3, 2011

SSR Week 9 (1 paragraph response) Due November 4

Write a paragraph about the questions you would ask someone who has already completed reading the book you are currently enjoying. 


  1. Matt Bunda

    A Dirty Job

    Pages read:

    A question that I would ask someone who already has read this book is why Charlie is worried about everything. I would like to know why he is so hyper about, why does he keep asking his wife over and over again if she needs something when they were at the hospital. I would like to know why he is so worried about having a baby daughter. Another question that I would ask someone who has already read this book is why does he see red stuff everywhere when he goes downs stairs to his shop. He is the only person who sees this red stuff and no one else sees it.

  2. Sarah Cafagna
    Pg. 83-94
    The Namesake
    So, one big question that i wonder is why ashoke dosent tell his son what his name (Gogol) really means. What is the story when ashoke almost died. Why. Dosent ashoke tell him, the event where he had to leave behind his beloved literature that he treasured, to survive. I also want to know why (Gogol) hates his name. I personally would be happy to be named after a successful author.

  3. Joshua Ascencio
    Book: I dont remember the name, but you gave me in the class something about lifes

    Well i wonder why the father loves so much jazz that wants his girls to learn and love the jazz? thats ridiculous! you cannot oblige persons to be like you want to be or you wanted to be! I wonder why her girls doesn't listen his father when he talks? I know maybe her father talks about music all the time but you have to listen your father and mother always!

  4. chelsea bohne\
    pages red 1 to 65
    book; children of the lamp
    i would ask if the twins get to london. who there uncle realy is. who they realy are and why there parents are scard of them

  5. Jamiee Alberts
    read 19 pages
    Book: Find Me by Rosie O'Donnell
    I would like to know much more about the book. There are a few questions I would ask. My first question would be, "Since Rosie gets closer to Stacie's family, will she get to be there when Stacie has the baby?". My second question would be, "Does Stacie even has the baby or does she get an abortion?" I'm really curious to find out what decisions she makes.

  6. Natalie Tomczak
    read page 1-85
    Book: Precious

    I'd want to know a couple of things about my book from a person who'd already read it. One, I'd want to know why precious is so overweight if they're poor, it doesn't make that much sense. Another thing I'm wondering about is why her father raped her. It makes me think, didn't he feel guilt, or anything after doing so. Didn't it feel wrong to have sex with your own daughter? The last thing I'm wondering about is if Mongo also has HIV.

  7. Andrew Waterstraat
    Read Page 266-287
    Book: Dog On it

    If I met someone who read this book i would ask them a few things. First, why does Bernie try so hard with cases when he gets paid in advance. Second, Where was the Madison, the missing person he was looking for, throughout the whole book? Lastly, if Chet, Bernies dog, can understand people so well, why is he so misbehaved.