Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 11 - Paragraph Response Due Monday 11/28

What do you think is going to happen next in the story? Why?


  1. book: children of the lamp
    chelsea bohne
    i think the twins in my story are going to have a battle bacuase they are djan or genis grant you three wishes all that and they are just learning to do that. they have to fight the bad djan to keep the good and luck.

  2. Olivia Salazar
    Book: Santa Olivia
    Pgs 40-67

    I think that Loup will make new friends amongst the orphans during her stay with the church. I also think her brother Tommy will become a good boxer enough to start getting prize fights to be recognized by the town because he is really dedicated to his training. But also there will soon be trouble for them because of the soldiers..

  3. Joshua Ascencio
    Book: "The Historian"

    Well i think elizabeth is going to start looking more secrets to her father after she found a mysterious book, she might think that her father is involve in a sect or a group. Because her father is always travel and she ask herself why he travels a lot!

  4. Amer Abed
    Book: The Kite Runner

    I think that Amir will get to Pakistan, where he will meet up with Rahim Khan. Rahim will show him around and talk about their pasts.