Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 8 - 1 Paragraph Response

Pretend you're a professor and choose an excerpt from your SSR novel and write a lecture (1 paragraph) about why that excerpt is important to the theme.


  1. loshua Ascencio

    Well, The characters are the 3 little duck Donalds and Dumbo
    When Dumbo was flying, the animals scared of Dumbo at the moment the animals were uncontrolled. The grandma Donald say You are scaring my animals who invited you here? Dumbo felt very bad, the 3 little donald brothers told with Dumbo, and Dumbo scared everybody in the barn!

    BOOK: Zombies Don't Cry

    The theme for this book would be "learning to become independent". The main character, Maddy, was never independent while she was alive. She was more of a dependent person, never do things on her own, always let somebody do something for her. As a zombie on the other hand, she felt more alive despite the fact that she always had cravings for brains. She learned to do things on her own but also with the help of others (not for her). EX: When Maddy and her friend Hazel ( her best friend) were being attacked by Zerkers (worse than zombies) Bones and Chloe (more zombies) helped her fight them off. She did most of the fighting to protect Hael before they got there.

  3. sarah cafagna
    the Namesake
    15 pages read on monday

    in the book The Namesake, Gogol the main character is bothered by his name, Gogol. He thinks that there is no meaning behind it but what his father told him, which is that gogol, a russian author. his father cherished the novels written by the author, but Gogol his son thinks they are boring and have no meaning. Really, Gogol's father was in a train accident when he was young and almost died. The book his father was reading when the train derailed was his favorite novel, by Gogol the author. he had to leave the beloved book given to him by his grandfather behind in order to get out alive. the purpose of me telling you students this is because the theme of this story is Gogol finding out about his family and who he is, what his morals are. he dose not know the real meaning behind his name. so far hes nothing like his parents but tries to please him as much as possible.

  4. Matt Bunda
    16 pages read

    The theme of my book would be the finding of the truth can counter the guilt. In my story, there are two main characters; Amy and Aunt Clare. Aunt Clare is cleaning up her parent’s house that died years ago and is going to sell it. At the same time Amy is frustrated at home with her sister and her mom always making her watch over her sister Luann. So she asks if she can stay with her aunt at the house for a few weeks until she is ready to come back. While at the house she learns that her grandparents, who are Aunt Clare’s parents, got murdered in the house. Aunt Clare has been miserable her entire life because she always thought her boyfriend did it. This is because her parents hated him for his behaviors. One time in the attic, Amy was spooked by the ghost of her grandma; the ghost showed her a note that was hidden in a book downstairs. The next day they found the note and it said that the handyman that worked at the house did the murder, not Aunt Clare’s boyfriend. This revived Aunt Clare and she wasn’t miserable. This excerpt shows is important to the theme because it shows how the truth can counter guiltiness.

  5. chelsea bohne
    book:chasing allicat
    read from 150 to 200
    in my book theres a page were there trying to find alli and cant, they dont know were she went and she just dissipeared with no notics. its mysterious which is one word that can sum up the books theme mysterious the reade and characters dont know were she went or why shes hiding. they think its because of her dad out of prison but no one knows it mysterious...