Monday, October 3, 2011

SSR WEEK 6 - DUE FRIDAY, 10/07/11


Choose two persons in the story and decide which character is the better of the two and why you think so.


  1. chelsea bohne
    BOOK: Dirty jobs.
    im my book two charicters are charly asher and minty fresh. i persomly think charlie is better. hes nicer and has a normal name. he is a single father that mannages a apartment a shop and being a death mercher and succeeds.

    in the end he risks his like knowing he probly wont com back to save the world. hes a beta male who gain so much curouge. alone with coping with the loss of his wife to whom he was atached to which is one thing beta males do. and in the end finding a nother love only to loss he and his daughter in the end by his death

  2. JOshua Ascencio
    Walt Disney Comics Book

    Well the 2 character are Mickey Mouse and Goofy, i think Mickey is a better character than Goofy because he is trying to help, and he advise Goofy always, also he is a good friend. Goofy is a fool character that always ruins everything, and he is not a trust character. Mickey help Goofy to try to advise him about the paint that Goofy was going to sell to a rich men, but he ruined the paint and Goofy paint a ugly thing, so Mickey knew that the rich men is not going to buy it, but Goofy doesn't listened Mickey.

  3. Jamiee Alberts
    Book: Find Me

    In my book, Find Me, I really can't choose which character I like better. The book is about Rosie O'Donnell who is also the narrator. I'm not much into the book to find out other characters. The only other character I know of is a girl named Stacie. We don't know much more than shes a 15-year-old girl who was raped and is not pregnant. These two characters can't really be compared to each other.