Monday, October 17, 2011


Describe the antagonist in your novel.  Explain his/her relationship to the protagonist.


    BOOK: The Locket

    The antagonist is Rachel Pruitt. She is always treats Katie in a mean way. She is always snotty and rude to her. She thinks she is the best when she obviously isn't. I think that she isn't happy and doesn't like the fact that Katie is. She probably doesn't like that Katie is in love with her boyfriend(Isaac), has an amazing family, a great best friend(Mitch), and always likes to help people. She is just jealous of Katie. What a hater.

  2. The antagonist in my novel is Aunt Clare. Her relationship to the protagonist is she is her aunt. The name of the protagonist is Amy. Aunt Clare always was mad at Amy when she went to the attic to solve out the doll house mystery. Aunt Clare would get really disappointed when Amy tried to find out how her grandparents died. Which were Aunt Clare's parents. She would get mad at this because she didn’t want to get reminded about the terrible past of how her parents died. Overall, Amy is trying to find out about the mystery of her grandparents death and about the spooky doll house in the attic. But Aunt Clare, the antagonist, is stopping her and getting mad.

    Matt Bunda
    The Doll House murders

  3. Natalie Tomczak
    Book: Precious

    The antagonist in my novel is Precious' mother. The relationship is very strained with them. You would think that family would be there for eachother but it's more of a hate bond with them. They always want to harm eachother's feelings, no love between them whatsoever. The mom does not support Precious in her Alternative School choice. It seems like they just see eachother because they have to and they live in the same house so they have to be somewhat civil. Other than that it's pure hatred between them, especially since Precious has two babies with her father, which her mom thinks is on purpose just to steal him away.

  4. chelsea bohnein my book i dont exacly know who the antaganist is yet. it may be ali a girl who is like a bicer but mouintan biking she isa the tough girl

  5. Joshua Ascencio

    My book is the disney comic series

    Te antagonist is a wise old man who is the major man in the little town, and the protagonist is a little boy who found a baby elephant and he and the elephant were friends, the wise old man sold the elephant to some people from a circus who carried the elephant to a boat, and the little boy was very say because was his best friend, and the wise man understood that, and the little boy went to rescue his friend. The wise man was opposite to the little child.