Monday, September 26, 2011


How are you similar or different from the protagonist in your novel?



    BOOK: Perfect Chemistry

    In my book there are not that many ways I am similar to the protaganist. She (Britney)is blond, popular, does cheerleading and rich. I am poor with brown hair and average in the popularity area. Definately no cheerleading for me. There is at least one way we are alike though. We both care about our education, we like to have good grades and do our best to exceed. We both get nervous at any given situation. She got nervous when she hurt Alex in the book, he started bleeding. She started freaking out. I would do the same thing.

  2. sarah cafagna

    book: The Namesake

    In my Book, the Namesake, i am similar to Ashima Gogol's mom who i consider one of the protagonists. She LOVES her family and when she had to move away to america she was heartbroken. i would be the same way if i had to move to a diffrent country. she is very shy and quiet until you get to know her and i am the same way in every situation. Her values are based on tradition and religon, which are how my values are based. Now there are a bunch of diffrences as well. I have been born in america and i am used to the customs we have here. she is indian and i am an american. she likes indian food and i like italian food.

  3. Joshua Ascencio

    BOOK:The Dracula

    In my book there are not similar ways with me, because he is Dracula, but i think Dracula is solitary and sometimes i like be the same. Also he doesn't like the high sounds, the same thing with me depend the time i don't like the high sounds. And the antiques i really love the antiques. Im different in that i am not a vampire and he is a vampire, he lived at old times and i was not born at the time of the story, he drinks blood and i drink water..

  4. chelsea Bohne
    dirty jobs
    im not like my charicter charlie. he is a creepyish guy but im not. i dont retreive souls of dead people. nor do i kill people. im not a man and i dont have a kid. im not as acward he is but he still seems like a good guy