Thursday, September 15, 2011

SSR WEEK 3 ---- DUE 09/23 (2-paragraph response)

What are your protagonist's most important actions?
What other actions would have been more effective?


  1. story:dirty job
    In my story theres a man named charlie and he colects the souls of dead people. The protaganists i would say would be the underworld creaturs or as he calls then the sewer harps. they try to getnhim to not get the souls so they can get stronger and take over. If they succseed then the underworld takes over and we go back to the dark times. they try to stop him by having one of them go up to the surface as a woman and they usually look like half human half raven. the sewer harp acts like a human and lurs charlie in and was supost to kill him but does other things with him and fails. insted of fooling around she should have just killed him but she dint.

    Charlie is also kind like a protagonist to the sewer harps. He wanted to get rid of them but ended up making them stronger. Everytime the people whio collect the souls also known as death murchers the sewer harps get stronger. so to provent this charlie thrughs dinamit or boms or somthing down the sewer were they live but that made them sronger without him knowing. he should have just not talked to the other death merchers and get all the soul vessles (aka the dead peoples souls that inhabit a animent object).

  2. In my story, the protagonist is Amy. The most important actions that Amy has done so far are: she moved in with her aunt for a couple of weeks so she can away from her sister, she also found out that her grandparents were murdered when her aunt was only eighteen. Another action that Amy did was that she found a doll house that resembled the house that she was staying at with her aunt. She really enjoyed this doll house and showed it to her friend Ellen.

    Actions that would have been more effective are: when she found out that her grandparents were murdered, she should't have kept reminding the horrible past to her aunt. Her aunt was becoming very sad and frustrated. Another action that could have been more effective is that she could of told her sister that she is leaving her. Not just going and not telling her.

  3. Olivia Salazar
    Book: Dead Beautiful

    My main charachter is Renee Winters. Her parents have mysteriously died of "heart attacks". She is then forced to attend an extremely strict private school called Gottfried Academy. She is able to ally with her new friends Eleanor, Nathaniel and the mysteriously handsome Dante Berlin. Renee learns about how a boy named Benjamin Gallows was found in the woods and was claimed to have died of a "heart attack". Just like her parents, perfectly healthy but no signs of struggle or violence. Also in both cases they were all found in the woods and a piece of cloth in their mouths. Renee does her best to find out what secrets the school has been hiding.

    Renee should have cared more about finding out about certain students and their backrounds rather than crushing on Dante. If she had focused on what was more important than she should ignore him. She chooses the boy over the curiosity of how her parents and that boy died. Renee although did find out some information from Dante considering Dante was the one who found him. Dante did not have much to tell her but you get what you can.

  4. losua Ascencio
    Book: The birth of Venus

    Alessandra Cecchi is the main character,she has fifteen years ol, when her father, a prosperous cloth merchant, brings a young painter back from northern Europe to decorate the chapel walls in the family’s Florentine palazzo. A child of the Renaissance, with a precocious mind and a talent for drawing, Alessandra is intoxicated by the painter’s abilities.

    She should be more happy, and i know before in Italy the man just was able to be artist in the renaissance. She feel angry with the guy who is going to paint the chapel. She lives in Firenze,Italia a great art city where everywhere is something with art.

  5. My protagonist's name is John. The most important actions John has taken are, going to the bonfire to meet Savannah and her friends, taking her on dates and basically making her fall deeply in love with him. Also, letting her meet his dad, and then having to go back into the military because his leave was over. Another important action was the fight he got in with his father, it really hurt his father's feelings but John did not seem to care at all.

    I think it would of been more effective if he would have let her in more, and told his true deep feelings to her. Also to let Savannah know how much he cares about her and wants her to be waiting for him once he returns. Lastly, if he would of went back and apologized for yelling at his father and being so disrespectful before it got too late.