Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SSR Week #4 - Due 09/23/11

So  far, what would the main character claim to be the most important event in the novel? (Explain in 8-10 sentences.)


  1. The most important event in my story is when the main character, Amy, finds out that her grandparents were murdered when her aunt was only eighteen and her dad was very young. This is the most important event because she is staying with her aunt for a couple of days at the house where her grandparents lived. No one wanted to tell her what exactly happened to them, so she went to the library and found out by herself through old newspaper articles. Also, in the attic of the house, there is a doll house replica of the house. There are exact details and dolls of her grandparent, her aunt, and her dad which is the son of her grandparents. Well she was once playing with the dolls and when she was done, she left them there, not in any particular way. When her aunt came to the attic, she screamed because the dolls were left just liked the murder scene several years ago. There were the grandparent dolls laying on the floor just like the grandparents were when they were found dead. Also, her dad was hidden in the cabinets just like the past. Her aunt thought that Amy did that on purpose but Amy insisted that it wasn't her. She was telling the truth. Now Amy thinks that the house is haunted.

  2. Olivia Salazar
    Book: Dead Beautiful

    Renee's most important event in the novel so far would be when she discovered what the "Undead" were. She read a book called the Seventh Meditation. It described everything about the Undead. It said how childrern under the age of 21 could be reborn after 10 days of their death. Their features were cold skin, and ability to heal quickly. Do not eat, sleep or feel. No souls and fluent in latin. Renee discovered that some students and other people in the world were "undead". The undead look for the souls before their 21 years is up but they can delay by taking another person's soul. Renee finally figured out what happened to her parents and Benjamin Gallows.

  3. Losua Ascencio
    Walt Disney book comics

    In the first section, Mickey Mouse the main character wants to do magic but he cannot do it, just the Sir Magician. Mickey Mouse try to talk with the magician if he can teach him to learn how to apply the magic power, but the magician leave out of the castle, so mickey discovered a magic book, he learned and the magician ordered mickey to work, but he is lazy and he ordered the brooms to work, something happen with the brooms, the brooms are not obeying mickey so he fight with the brooms, and the magician is coming back, mickey cannot stop the brooms, everything is out of control and the magician apply his magic and everything stops. Mickey should had not read the book, but mickey is the major problem .

  4. The main character, John, would claim that his decision to sign onto another 2 years in the military would be his most important decision. His decision to join just because all of the other guys were, I believe, is going to greatly effect Savannah's and his relationship. He is going to have to face the consequences which could very well be loosing the love of his life. The title of the book "Dear John", has taken on a whole new meaning as John receives a letter in the military from Savannah breaking up with him, and confessing that she has moved on and found someone else to be with.

  5. in the book dirty jobs
    my charictor charlie would probly say that him becomeing a death mercher would be the most important. sure there are alot of other things that happen and they are important but they're not the biggest. If he dint become a death mercher all the weird things that happen wouldnt have happen. sure somtimes hes not happy that hes a death mercher but its apart of him now. hes used to getting souls and dealing with underworld. it may be a hard job but thats why the books called dirty jobs.

  6. Natalie Tomczak
    Week 4

    So far the most important event in the book is Precious' pregnancy and the expulsion. She was expelled from her school because of the fact she was pregnant. Which is wrong because her father has raped her. Also the teachers believe she's under-educated, which isn't a surprise due to the conditions she grew up in. Her expulsion leads to a teacher coming to her home and angering her mother. This causes more problems than necessary. Her mother thinks that she is trying to "steal" her husband, who is also her father, because she had unwilling sex with him.