Friday, March 30, 2012

WEEK 23 - DUE April 6th, 2012

If your protagonist could meet ANYone in the world, who would he or she MOST want to meet?  Explain why.


  1. Andrew Waterstraat
    My protagonist would most want to meet her father because he died when she was younger. She is struggling with many things in her life right now like meeting demons and demon hunters. He would at least try to help her with her problems. Her mom doesn't listen to her much because she's always so busy.

  2. chelsea bohne
    book- a kiss in time
    pg 1- 78

    my main character talia would want to travel and meet as many people as she can then meet a prince to falll in love with. because all her life she has had to stay away for 16 yrs and couldnt go out because she was cured by a witch that a spindle would prik her befor her 16 birthday and she will die. a fairy changed it to she woill sleep it like sleeping beuty but when she sleep everyone does. she is then awaked 300 yrs later in our time.

  3. matt bunda
    A Dirty Job

    My main character, Charlie, would like to meet Death. After he found out he is a death merchant, he has several questions on his powers and duties. I feel that if he met Death, then a lot of his questions would be answered and he will have a better understanding on his duties.

  4. Olivia Salazar
    Black Water

    I think Bobby would like to meet all the travelers from each territory to have more allies in the war against Saint Dane. The more Allies he has, the better chance he has at defeating Saint Dane. Even though everytime he goes to a new territory the traveler of that territory is confused and 1/2 the time don't like him. But they all eventually come around and know that Bobby is the one to trust.

  5. Natalie Tomczak
    A Man Named Dave

    If Dave could meet anyone in the world i think he'd choose to meet all of his mother's family and see their family secrets. He'd want to know what caused her to be so cruel because his grandma feels like she didnt have a bad life and shouldnt be the way she is. I think he would want to get to know his dad more, even though it's not like meeting a person, getting to know someone more that you do is kind of similar. He'd want a relationship with his father.

  6. My protagonist wouldn't necessarily like to meet anyone new, but I think she would LOVE to reunite with her father. He was the one who taught her everything she knew and how to be so strong. He taught her all about bows and arrows and how to survive. He's the reason she was able to take care of the family after he passed.

  7. Danielle Nass

    My protagonist wouldn't really want to meet anyone because he believes that he's ugly. I think the only person he would want to see again would be the witch that turned him into a beast.

  8. Joshua Ascencio
    The cask of Amontillado

    My protagonist Fortunato would like to meet an angel to take care of him when he was drunk, to avoid follow Montresor to his palace, where Montresor took place to revenge Fortunato for something that happened before. The angel may interfered when Montresor asked Fortunato about a good wine, Fortunato could run, or at least attract a person to carry him to a different location, who knows!

  9. Jessica Rodriguez

    my protagonist would probably like to meet the crocodile hunter. He faced many strange and unfamiliar animals that could possibly kill him. As is my character in my book when he comes along the strange creature in the night.