Thursday, March 15, 2012

week 22

Describe a problem that the main character in your story is having.


  1. Joshua Ascencio
    Little women(mujercitas)-spanish
    Pag 7-23

    Well, there are many characters in this books, the sister are deciding what to buy with a dollar each, they are poor, and they need some distractions as well stuff children need. They are thinking if give the money to the military, or waste the money on what they need or want.

  2. My main character, Katniss is having a problem because her sister gets chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, but she's only twelve years old. Katniss had her name in the jar multiple times for food rations but her sister's name, which was only entered once, got picked for the Hunger Games. Katniss had to volunteer for the Hunger Games, rather than have her twelve year old sister go in, because Katniss had the skills to survive unlike her sister.

  3. Andrew Waterstraat
    My main character is Katniss. She is having a problem because she has to kill other people that are competing in the hunger games. One of them has saved her life before. While another reminds her of her little sister. She knows at some point that she is going to die or they are. Meanwhile she needs to find ways of finding food and surviving the cold nights and hot days.

  4. Jessica Rodriguez
    My main character is Macy, her problem is that her dad passed away, so she is living her high school years without a fathers. Shes constantly studying for school all summer so she has not friends. Another problem is that she doesn't take enough time for herself because she is always trying to help her mom. She needs to find a way to balance out her life.

  5. Danielle Nass

    My main character's problem is he's unable to go out anymore unless he goes at night all covered up. He's also unable to have contact with other people.