Friday, March 2, 2012

week 21 - DUE MARCH 9TH

As always, include your name, book title, and the beginning and ending page.

Which character do you think deserves a punch?  Explain why.


  1. Joshua Ascencio
    The Raven
    pg 53 to 70

    The character that deserves a punch is the raven, because the raven scared the man. The mas was so scared, he almost committed a suicide. The raven scared the man with voices and noises.

  2. Do you think the Raven was real or part of the man's imagination?

  3. Olivia Salazar
    Book: The Reality Bug
    pg 29 - pg 104

    I think that Saint Dane deserves to be punched in the face because he is an evil Traveler trying to destroy the territories. This is the 4th book of the series. He causes wars and problems on each territory so they can go into chaos and destroy themselves. All he cares about is taking over all the territories. He lies and cheats to get his way. Also he won't hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way. Luckily Bobby Pendragon is always there to stop him.

  4. Jamiee Alberts
    Book: Find Me
    pages 175-202

    In my story, I don't think any one of the characters deserves a punch. If anything, I think Rosie and Melissa deserve hugs. Rosie is a very brave and wonderful women who deserves the best. She acts like any other average person, and but has enough money and fame to help people in need. Melissa also deserves a hug because she is also brave for the condition she has. She has personality disorder and comes out to talk about it to Rosie, which at first, she didn't even personally know Rosie.

  5. Andrew Waterstraat
    Book: The Hunger Games
    Pages: 50-87
    In my story I don't think any of the characters should get punched. None of them have really done anything to deserve it. Katniss put her own life on the line to protect her sister. Peta gave Katniss bread when she was begging for food. Most of the people from district 12 are very humble and nice.

  6. chelsea bohne

    i think that kyle should be punched because he makes fun of this girl and calls her ugly then asks her to the dance to embarrase her. but he doesnt know the person he calls a witch realy is one and will turn him into a beast

  7. Natalie Tomczak
    Book: A Man Named Dave

    In my book the mother of David deserves a punch. All his life she's hated him for no reason and i dont think thats right for any parent to do, and any child to have to go through. He was beaten, abused, and humiliated. She doesn't just deserve a punch, she deserves a good whack upside the head with a shovel.

  8. Jessica Rodriguez
    Macy's mom is the one who deserves a punch. She is constantly making Macy stay at home, and do the things that she wants her to do. She is choosing her life for her, and Macy wants out of it.