Friday, February 24, 2012

WEEK 20 - Paragraph response due Friday, March 2

**Always include your name, book title, starting page and ending page

What has the author TOLD you about the main character? What does the character look like? Act like? Say? Think? Feel?


  1. Olivia Salazar
    Book: The Never War
    Pg 162- pg 234

    Bobby Pendragon is a fifteen year old boy who found out not too long ago that he is a Traveler meant to travel from different territories (worlds) to make sure that they don't go into chaos. Bobby is a average young teenager with blue eyes and brown hair. He is nice, ocassionally jokes around and the kind of person everybody loves. During his journey
    Bobby tries to make sense of why all these things are happening to him. He is scared of the things that happen. He says wise things to help others understand and not be confused.

  2. Amer Abed
    The Blind Side
    Pgs. 65-78

    Michael Oher is a 17 year old boy who does not really have home that is stable. He jumps from home to home (foster care). But always goes back to his mother. He loves and cares about her yet she tells him to go and catch his dreams and he tells her that his dreams are for her to be safe. Then one night when he was walking back to his house, Mrs. Tuhy and her family take him in one night. He is very shy, confused, and lonely. He tries to fit in with the kids in school but doesn't seem to find his way. Then one day he tries out for the football team, and makes it. And because Michael is so kind-hearted, he barely hits his teammates on the field. He is very smart but does not no how to use it because he never finished school.

  3. chelsea bohne
    looking glass war
    page 278 to 300

    the main characters alyss from wonderland shes a fruture queen of the queendom she gets lost in our world and her whole perspective on what is reality is changed since no one beleives her. then when she comes back to wonderland she has to defeat her aunt but doesnt beleive she can since shes been gone for 13 yearws and hasnt been able to use her ability of imagination for so long. when shes broght there and starts looking for the mirror maze to help get her to her full imagination capibility. as they start looking they are attacks many times by queen reds drones, through thoughs attaks alys starts getting her imagination back in order to save the ones she loves, realizing that she never lost her imagination in was always in her she just needed to have it pushed out and now as they are on there journy she starts to regain her imagination

  4. Natalie Tomczak
    Book: A Man Named Dave

    The main character from this particular story is also the author, which allows me to see exactly what he looks like. He has glasses, average sized, hair not too dark, light brown I'd say. as stated in the book he is very stubborn and rebellious resulting from his difficult past. Now he is very cold hearted towards people who try to get close to him because it's hard for him to love, even though he i s a good person and helps other kids out who are in the situation he used to be in. He still feels alone and abandoned even though he has many friends and a gilfriend because they will never substitute the love his mother shoulod have, but didn't give him.

  5. Matt Bunda
    A dirt job

    The main character in my story is tall with black hair. The main character, Charlie, always thinks hes crazy because he sees glowing red objects when other people don't see that. Also, my character recently found out that he is a helper of Death.

  6. Jessica Rodriguez
    The author told me that Macy is the type of girl that keeps to herself, she doesn't have many friends, but she did have a boyfriend that broke up with her through e-mail. She acts like nothing bothers her when it really does, she doesn't tell people her problems. She feels saddened and over whelmed.