Friday, February 10, 2012

week 19 - Due Feb 17th.

How is this story like/unlike other stories you have read?


  1. Olivia Salazar
    Book: Red Riding Hood
    Pg 120-pg 238

    My book has romance from childhood friends who fell in love. They want to be together so they decide to run away. Of course like always something stops them just like in other books. Always a problem to deal with. Difference about this book is that the werewolf if you're bitten, you die on a regular full moon. The "Blood Moon" if you are bitten by a werewolf you turn into one. Also if you are related to a werewolf you can understand them and what they say.

  2. Natalie Tomczak
    Book: A Man Named Dave

    This book is unlike any other because it is a very intense emotional rollercoaster. At one time you want to cry, at another you want to laugh. You get really in depth with Dave's life and his struggles. You relate to the characters in the book, and everything is very thoroughly explained. The book throws meaningful quotes and meanings at you which will keep you reading till the late hours of the night.

  3. Joshua Ascencio
    Book: Cyrano

    My book is unlike to other books in many things such this book is comedy, drama. When you read this book you get complete entertain and other stories that i had read such the Historian or many others are about history and some drama that in some periods you get completely bored..

  4. Andrew Waterstraat
    The Son of Neptune

    This book is unlike any i have read because it involves Greek and Roman mythology. Plus it involves something called demigods which i have never heard of. Demigods are children that are half god and half human. Percy's dad is Poseidon while his mom is a mortal. This story is very interesting because it is unique.

  5. Jamiee Alberts
    Book: Find Me

    This story is unlike lots of stories I have read. Mainly in stories, you hear about people's lives and how great they are but something tragic happens to them. This story is how Rosie does not like having all the fame, fortune and anything she could possibly want. She doesn't like having so much money and having nothing to do with it. She wants to spend it all on people that deserve it. Rosie is very different from any character/person I know. Most characters aren't very unique in the stories I have read, unlike Rosie who VERY much stands out from others. Her mind works in such different ways as everyone else, but I feel like i can relate to her.

  6. Matt Bunda
    A Dirty Job
    16 Pages Read

    This Novel is differnt than any other novel that I read because it deals with a character, Charlie, who is a helper of Death. His job is to basically collect souls of people when they die. This is a first time that I am reading a story like this.

  7. Sarah cafagna
    The namesake
    Pg 215- 230
    The namesake is very unlike any other book I have read. For one, I have never read a book with a family of Bangladeshi backrounds. Their traditions are very different from the traditions of american people. The name of their children takes a long time to be chosen and is mOre than just a name. It has a story behind it. In our family (american traditions) the only special reason for a name is that someone before you was named that. Another thing different is that in this book, it's not all happy and a perfect plot. Very durastic high and lows are occurring, such as death and marrige. Especially the death of Gogols father. Most of the stories I have read are happy and have an amazing plot but this story is just an emotional roller coaster. The similarities are few, but here's one. All the stories I have read always end happily (with the exception of Macbeth) and a couple lives on and on happily ever after.

  8. Amer Abed
    The Blind Side
    PG 34-62
    The Blind Side very unlike any other books that I have ever read. For instance, in the Blind Side it is about a young man who really doesn't have a home and has nothing and turns into a superstar in the NFL. In many of my other books, most of them were about mysteries and nothing to do with pursuing their dreams. Most mystery books are about solving an investigation and finding the problem causer. The Blind Side is one of my favorite books because it shows me that you should never give up on anything and nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. In the end, Michael and his family live a happy life and have a great time together.

  9. chelsea bohne
    the looking glass war

    iv read the graphic novles of this book called the madd hatter who is hatter madigan but thoughs are from the perspective of hatter madigon and his journey though our world on his search for alys. while the looking glass war is mare of alyses exsperiances. they have some parts thsat are of hatterbut not as many. the graphic novles just focus on hatter but in the loking glass war it has all three parts. hatters exsperiances, alyses, and what acualy goes on in the queendom with red heart taking over the queendom with her evil and the alyssianse packing together to try to defeat her and keep white imagination from being overrun by the black imagination. (warning if you dont read the first grapic novle it gets comfusing because my friend said i should read it but we dint have the first novle of it)