Tuesday, April 10, 2012

week 24 - due April 13

Write a one page dialogue between your main character and his/her parent. 

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  1. Dave: why did you do all those things to me when i was young?
    Mother: you were a naughty boy, you deserved to get punished
    Dave: NO! i don't believe it you always say that!
    Mother: Do you know how hard it was to raise this many kids, with your alcoholic father?
    Dave: doesn't matter what went on between you and dad, i was the key to all your anger, always, i was always the thing that made you angry and then i was punished, for things i didn't even do!
    Mother: just quit your whining and understand its not all about you The Boy. You've always been selfish, no one cares about my feelings
    Dave: alright mother, it's time for me to go, thanks for having me.
    Mother: it never was my fault!
    Dave: goodbye Mother.