Friday, April 13, 2012

WEEK 25 -Due April 20th.

What is the most important passage in your book?

Explain in an 8-10 sentence paragraph response.  Due April 20th.


  1. Jamiee Alberts
    Book: Find Me
    pages 29 to 75

    The most important passage in my book would have to be the first page before the book even begins. The first page explains why Kyle was changed into a beast and what he should learn from it. It teaches you the valuable lesson of being a good person. The witch, Kendra, changed Kyle into a beast. She did this because Kyle was a terrible person to others and she wanted to show him that he should look like what he really is: a beast.Kyle pleades for her to change him back. She tells him to earn his way back to his old look. She also says that he has to learn his lesson about having internal beauty, and that external beauty shouldn't matter.

  2. I believe the most important passage in this book is the passage where Katniss explains everything her father taught her. That is the most important to me because as the book goes along, you realize Katniss is ready for everything and anything life has to throw at her. Even though her father has passed away she still cares for her family just how her father would have because of everything he taught her.

  3. Chelsea Bohne
    Book: a kiss in time pg 275_end

    i think the most important passage was when jack wakes talia. if he wouldnt have woken her there would be no story. she would proble be sleeping another 3 hundred years. then jacks sister wouldnt have showed anyone her book. and talia wouldnt have came to america. so without his kiss wakeing her up and braking the curse there would not be a story to tell yet.

  4. Jessica Rodriguez
    Book : Bone Chiller, By : Graham Mcnamee
    Page Beginning to 27.

    I think the most important passage in my book is when Danny is walking home after being kissed by Ash and he begins to see a figure moving very fast. At first he couldnt even tell if the figure was there or just in his imagination. He comes face to face with the huge beast but somehow manages to get away just in time. If this even never occured there would be no rest of the story.

  5. Matt Bunda
    A Dirty Job
    Pages: 83-206

    The most important passage in my book is when Charlie, the main character, meets with Mr. Mint. This is the first time Charlie meets face to face with another Death Merchant. Mr. Mint tells a lot of things to Charlie about his duties. The first thing he told Charlie is that he must put a calendar next to his night stand. Whenever a soul must be retrieved by Charlie, a name a number will appear on the calendar. Next important thing he told Charlie is to never let the underworld ones get a soul. The underworld will take over the world if they get their hands on a soul. The last important thing Mr. Mint said is that they can never talk to each other again. Death merchants are not allowed to speak to each other. If they do, then the underworld will take over the world.

  6. Andrew Waterstraat
    I think the most important passage in my book, is when Clarys mother tells her she doesnt want anything about her father in her house. If she had of let Clary know that her father was a demon hunter, Clary's life would have been more dangerous than it is now. Her mother got taken and now she needs to find her father to get help.

  7. Olivia Salazar
    Book: Enna Burning
    Pg 128 to pg 164

    The most important passage so far in my book is that Enna realizes she can control fire. She has the power to use it in any way she wishes. Bayern is threatened of war by Tira, a neighboring kingdom, and Tiran soldiers are taking over towns in Bayern. Enna wishes to be useful and help Bayern with the war. She secretly goes to Tiran camps and setting them on fire. The problem is that as Enna burns down more camps, the more she loses control over the fire. Her brother, Leifer, was a fire-speaker too, but he lost control and burned from the inside-out. Enna had more control over the fire than her brother did though.

  8. Natalie Tomczak
    A Man Named Dave

    The most important passage of the book was when david finally got to see his dad after so many years. He realizes how much life is a struggle for his father. He is sitting at a bar and sleeping at train stations constantly drinking. His dad and mom both had a drinking problem which explains the way they acted sometimes while being intoxicated. He found out lots of things, like the fact that their whole life, his dad felt helpless and also was a victim of his mother's. This forced him to leave and start his own abusive life, except he abused alcohol now more than ever. His father was very ill, so it was an important detail in the book that Dave saw him right before he died. Also barely anyone showed at the hospital when his dad was dying, they didn't even let David know he was ill until later. His mom was the terrible person that never cared about anyone other than herself and felt like it was unimportant to tell anyone that her husband was sick.

  9. Matt Bunda
    A Dirty Job
    There were several moments when I was reading my book and it made me laugh. For example, Charlie, main character, had some funny encounters and problems while being on the job as a Death Merchant. One time Charlie was walking by a sewer and was insulted and made fun of by underworld harpies. He Reacted by throwing loud fireworks down the sewer drain and swearing like crazy. Since he was the only one that saw and heard them, the police officer that showed up thought that Charlie was crazy. Another time that I laughed was when Charlie’s Daughter Sophie killed people by saying, “kitty”. She point at people and say kitty, and the people would drop dead cold on the spot.