Friday, May 11, 2012

week 27 Due 05/18

How does the author use imagery to enhance the story?


  1. Olivia Salazar
    Book: City of Fallen Angels
    pg 329 - pg 424

    The imagery is very detailed the way the author describes it. The setting and what happens between characters. The imagery really comes to mind when it comes to what the characters are thinking and feeling. For example, Jace feels compelled to Jonathan Morgenstern as if he were under a spell. Jace can't control himself as if he were being possesed. Jace brings back to life Jonathan and now the only way for Jonathan to die is if Jace dies.

  2. The author in my book uses a lot of imagery so you are able to picture the characters physical features, and how their personality is. She also uses a lot of imagery to let you see the scene the whole book takes place in and I think she does a really good job of that.

  3. Jamiee Alberts
    Book: Beastly
    Pages 110 to 145
    The author uses imagery on how he explains people mainly. Usually he/she is explaining the detail of how Kyle, the beast, looks, eats, sleeps, and what he looks at. He also explains in full detail of what the girl that he likes looks, talks and acts like. He tells in much detail how much he is in love with her. The author uses much detail and imagery in the book that makes me actually imagine how the characters look like before even watching the movie. After being able to imagine what they look like, I saw the similarities in the characters in the movie.

  4. chelsea bohne
    book: tempted
    pg: 1-79

    the author describes the darkness of the night and the gray angry strom clouds. showing how angryu and stormy of a night it is. the author tells us how in the basment tunnle there was a eary feeling like someone els was there in the pitch black tunnle. the icey bone chilling night.